Take The Future


Easy tutorials and LIVE video sessions with native speakers of FRENCH, SPANISH, MANDARIN.


Wish to study in the United States of America? Join the exam prep class for the Scholastic Assessment Test. Develop skills in Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Practice with others. Connect with fellow learners from all over the world


A purely British-curriculum class for senior secondary students seeking to gain admission into universities in the UK, US, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. A revision class as well as an exam preparatory class


For those seeking to further their studies in the fields of management, business, economics, and finance, this is for you. LIVE GMAT classes by trained and certified GMAT tutors. The class focuses on analytical and mathematical skills as required to succeed in the Graduate Management Admission Test


Coding is the new universal language. Join LIVE coding classes on different programming languages for all digital platforms; desktops and mobile (Android & IOS). Different classes for different age groups.


Prepare for the next UME. Learn academic tricks that will help you solve questions accurately and speedily. Prepare for your post-UME. Take exam simulations. Assess yourself. Get profiled by tutors. Join the class. Succeed


Are you a non-native speaker of English and you wish to enroll in an English-speaking university? Join the preparatory class for the TOEFL exam. Intensive classes on reading, listening, speaking and writing


The International English Language Testing System is a language proficiency test for non-native English Language speakers accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand and US academic institutions. Join this class for an intensive preparation for your next IELTS exam


The Leadership Class focuses on helping students of all ages understand and embrace such soft life skills as the power of responsibility, innovation, goal setting and the likes. This class deals with all the life skills that conventional school subjects elude. It is free for all registered students.