As the pandemic lingers, parents all over the world are making do with online schooling for their children. As the demand increases, Mind Smith, a full time online school has launched in Nigeria.

Mind Smith, solely launched as an online learning center, offers a thorough, effective and affordable online learning for primary and secondary school students using the social media.

Classes on Mind Smith holds everyday on different digital platforms offering two subjects per day for now for a little cost of N5,000 monthly.

Classes will be in real time video format allowing real time interactions between students and teachers. Also, classes will be recorded and made available for any student who wants to revisit.

Subjects to be treated for primary school pupils include: English, Mathematics, Social studies and Sciences. All subjects with exception of physical ones would be treated.

Subjects to be treated for secondary school students include: Mathematics, English, Arts and Commercial, Biology, Introduction physics, Chemistry, Business Studies and several others.

Mr. Dingba Peter, founder, has stated that the school has recruited some of Nigerians finest teachers to deliver quality learning experience for her students.

Though, many schools have temporarily opted for online learning for its students pending the resumption of physical learning, Mr. Dingba has stated that Mind Smith is the first full-time online school for primary and secondary school students in the world.

He also said students will receive full classes, transitory exams and promotional exams both local and international, as students of the Mind Smith online school.

This is to say that the school will continue even after the lockdown but classes will hold only in the mornings and evenings.

He also stated that classes have started and parents have given a good number of feedbacks. With the school seeking to register more students, Mr. Dingba has stressed that the school has been made very affordable to allow children from all over the world enroll. He also stated that a major telecommunications firm will be coming on board.