SS3 English Language

  1. Vocabulary Development
  • Words Associated with Culture, Institutions and Ceremonies
  • Words Associated with Motor Vehicles and Travelling
  • Words Associated with Government and Administration
  • Words Associated with Law and Order
  • Words Associated with Science and Technology
  • Differentiating between British and American Spellings of Common Words
  • Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions
  • Collocations
  • Foreign Elements in English Usage – French Words
  • Foreign Elements in English Usage – Latin and Greek Words
  1. Oratory Skills: Spoken English
  • Revision of Sentence Intonation Pattern
  • Clusters of Two Consonant words Occurring at Final Position
  • Clusters of three and four Consonant words that Occur at the Final Position
  • He Schwa/ə/ as final Unstressed syllable
  • Engaging in a meaningful Dialogue on a given Subject matter
  • Arguing given Topics effectively
  • Reading Aloud Confidently
  • Reading and Appreciating Poetry
  1. Oratory Skills: Listening for Comprehension
  • Listening to reproduce main points and ideas in a speech, lecture or discussion
  • Summarizing a Talk or Lecture
  • Paraphrasing Poems Listened to
  • Listening to Lectures and Taking Notes
  • Listening to directions and Following them Accurately
  • Listening to Instructions and Following them
  • Listening to Dramatic Presentations and Identifying the Themes and Story lines