SS2 English Language

Oratory Skills: Spoken English

  1. Making a Toast
  2. Speaking to Persuade, Convince and Sway Opinion
  3. Giving Clear Concise and Correct Directions

Vocabulary Development

  1. Prefixes as Word Extension, making for New Meanings
  2. Preservative Prefixes
  3. Suffixes
  4. Spelling of Words (the use of the dictionary)

English Grammatical Structures

  1. Adjuncts
  2. Complex Sentence Structure

Literacy Skills: Writing For Effective Communication

  1. Technical and Specific Purposes
  2. Creative Writing
  3. Free Writing

Oratory Skills: Reading for Comprehension and Effective Study

  1. Reading to Paraphrase Poems and Dramatic Works
  2. Reading to Pick-out Topic Sentences in Paragraphs and Longer selection
  3. Reading for Specific Structural Pattern

Oratory Skills: Listening for Comprehension

  1. Listening to Debates and Other Oral Presentations for Critical Evaluation
  2. Listening to Debates for main Points and Passing Judgment
  3. Listening for Details/Examples