SS1 English Language

Oracy Skills: Spoken English

  1. Selected consonant sounds (j, z, etc.)
  2. Consonants followed by /w/
  3. Consonants followed by /j/
  4. Syllabic consonants /l/
  5. Consonants sounds followed by K + W
  6. Consonants followed by /J/ and /U/ sounds

Vocabulary Development

  1. Vocabulary Associated with Home and Family
  2. Vocabulary Associated with Agriculture
  3. Vocabulary Associated with Fishing and Animal Husbandry-Fishing
  4. Vocabulary Associated with Animal Husbandry
  5. Vocabulary Associated with Religion – Traditional Religion

English Grammatical Structures

  1. Nouns and Noun Phrases with the Definite Articles
  2. Countable and Uncountable Nouns
  3. Introducing Nominalization of adjectives and verbs

Literacy Skills: Writing for Effective Communication

  1. Continuous writing – Narrative
  2. Letter Writing – informal letter
  3. Record Keeping

Oracy Skills: Reading for Comprehension and Effective Study

  1. Reading to comprehend main ideas or story line
  2. Reading to comprehend supporting details
  3. Reading to comprehend word-meanings through context
  4. Reading to identify the writer’s mood, tone and purpose and the relationship between purpose and tone
  5. Reading for Summary

Oracy Skills: Listening for Comprehension

  1. Listening to grasp main points or ideas (in a speech, conversation, lecture, poem, recorded material, radio broadcast and short debates)

Listening to identify a speaker’s mood, tone and purpose.